General description

B2V2R-Gs protein subcomplex of a GPCR-G protein-beta-arrestin mega-complex


Receptor name: Beta-2 adrenergic receptor

Receptor chain: R

Receptor organism: Homo sapiens

Family / Class: Rhodopsin-like / A

Resolution [Å]: 3.8

Effector protein: G: α β γ (A B G)

Fusion protein: Endolysin

Other protein: Nanobody 35

Non-peptide ligand code: P0G (R)

MD preparation


Number of mutations: 0

List of mutations: None


Name: Beta-2 adrenergic receptor

Organism: Homo sapiens

Uniprot: P07550

Fusion protein

Name: Endolysin

Organism: Enterobacteria phage RB59

Uniprot: A0A097J809

Effector protein

Name: Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(s) subunit alpha isoforms short

Organism: Homo sapiens

Uniprot: P63092

Name: Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(T) subunit beta-1

Organism: Homo sapiens

Uniprot: P62873

Name: Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-2

Organism: Homo sapiens

Uniprot: P59768


Title: Structure of an endosomal signaling GPCR-G protein-β-arrestin megacomplex.

Authors: Nguyen AH, Thomsen ARB, Cahill TJ 3rd, Huang R, Huang LY, Marcink T, Clarke OB, Heissel S, Masoudi A, Ben-Hail D, Samaan F, Dandey VP, Tan YZ, Hong C, Mahoney JP, Triest S, Little J 4th, Chen X, Sunahara R, Steyaert J, Molina H, Yu Z, des Georges A, Lefkowitz RJ

Published: Nat Struct Mol Biol (2019)

Other protein (not shown in structure)

Name: Nanobody 35

Organism: Mus musculus

Receptor TM helicies
TM regions (from OPM database)

TM1( 32-56),TM2( 71-96),TM3( 104-129),TM4( 149-171),TM5( 198-220),TM6( 275-298),TM7( 305-326)

Additional info

Membrane Thickness: 32.2 ± 2 Å

Tilt: 12 ± 2°

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